Important Contributors

Dr. Michael J Hall, PhD

Mater Media: the Catholic Non-Profit Publishing house founded by longtime St. Louis sportscaster and faithful Catholic Zip Rzeppa that is publishing my book Passion Flowers in Bloom.

Leta Serafim: Author of the Greek Island Mysteries series. My Aunt Leta has been a great support in my publishing journey

Recommended Reading

For a Greater Purpose by Zip Rzeppa

In an amazing true story, Zip Rzeppa’s life connects with media superstars Bill O’Reilly–and Howard Stern–and Joe Buck–before any of them appear on TV. Grit and determination bring Zip his own fame as he becomes the wackiest local TV sportscaster in America. Longing for love, Zip ricochets from redheads to reporters to runners, from friends to flings to fiancees until he finally finds the woman who shows him every moment matters. Inspired, Zip drops the microphone and rolls up his sleeves to serve those in sheltered workshops, inner city dwellings, and foster homes. Finally, a miracle from Our Lady of Guadalupe delivers Zip a new calling to use his media savvy to feed today’s spiritually starved souls. With echoes of St. Augustine’s The Confessions and Thomas Merton’s The Seven Story Mountain, For A Greater Purpose is the heartbreaking and triumphant saga of a dynamic 21st century man who discovers that the purpose of life is written in the Palm of God’s Hand.

My Rock and My Salvation by Zip Rzeppa

A young musician fighting to make it in the rock world, an NFL superstar in his Lamborghini, two stunningly beautiful young Catholic women embroiled in an intriguing story of love and attraction. Incredible twists and turns as a drug addiction, an unwanted pregnancy, a murder, and a near death experience rock the characters to their core. A mysterious angelic figure and a dynamic young priest show up to shed God’s light on the most challenging of situations.

Fantasy Novels by Bryan Davis

Dragons of Starlight

In this four-book fantasy series for young adults by bestselling author Bryan Davis, human and dragon worlds collide when Jason Masters enters the dragon planet and meets Koren, a descendant of humans who were kidnapped and are now the dragons’ slaves.

Tales of Starlight

The dragons of Starlight have been enslaving humans for over a century. At long last, warrior Adrian Masters and sword maiden Marcelle vow to find the mysterious portal where the Lost Ones disappeared, hoping to rescue the slaves. Will they turn back when they learn that only the ultimate sacrifice can bring freedom to the oppressed?

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