An Aunt’s Animal Alphabet

From A to Z, come rhyme with me — a whimsical breeze through the ABCs!

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Written and Illustrated by Hailey Kathleen Hall
Edited and Arranged by Michael James Hall

Take a journey around the world and meet the animals that inhabit it in An Aunt’s Animal Alphabet!

From the giant giraffe in the savanna to the friendly fish in the sea, the majestic eagle in the sky and the playful puppy in the park, this book introduces young readers to the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Through stunning hand-drawn illustrations and catchy nursery rhymes, readers will explore different animals with each creatively drawn letter resembling the animal it represents.

Parents and grandparents alike will be delighted to share An Aunt’s Animal Alphabet with their loved ones.

The vibrant illustrations bring this captivating alphabet book to life, making it one that you and your child will want to read again and again.

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Editorial Review

An Aunt’s Animal Alphabet by Hailey Kathleen Hall is a wholesome and fun, whimsical tour through the animal kingdom for young children that features the author’s own lyrical rhymes and illustrations.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by an animal whose name starts with that letter, with the letter creatively drawn to portray the animal itself or its characteristics while still being recognizable as the letter. The animal’s name is then complimented with fun rhymes and spirited illustrations.

The introduction of several animals that are not commonly found in other animal alphabet books also keeps this one off the beaten path. This animal alphabet book is recommended especially for kids in the pre-reading stage when rhyming serves as a particularly effective method of instruction.

The best compliment comes from my own three-year-old who often brings me ‘the yak book’ requesting that it be read to him.”

— Dr. Elizabeth Abraham, Pediatrician and Founder of St. Teresa Pediatrics

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